Wildcard Gaming

About the team

Wildcard is the result of robust infrastructure provided by coaches Vincent “Sylix” Tam and Bharath “Fluxx” Sukesh. This sense of stability has seen Wildcard rise to the top of local competition in recent times. This paired with Wildcard’s quick decision making and unparalleled communication make them the unchallenged leader of the Australian circuit.

The departure of Daniel “NeophyteR” An and Brendan “Derpeh” Carr from the roster left big shoes to be filled. This task was undertaken by up and comers  Patrick “Pat” Wines and Jonathan “Gio” Luciana. In addition to this, players such as Ethan “Ethan” Picard and Tien “EmoRin” Lam who have been on the roster since it originated as Athletico in 2018 act as decisive leaders and playmakers. While the roster experienced initial difficulties, they have emerged even stronger as of late, a tribute to their flexibility. The departure of close rival Fnatic from the region has furthered Wildcard’s ability to control the competition, only losing one map for the entirety of Six Masters 2020.

ManagerJohn GriffinJohn
CoachVincent TamsyliX
AnalystBharath SukeshFluxx
PlayerKyle RentonDiesel
PlayerVincent DanieleVincere
PlayerQuoc LamEmoRin
PlayerPatrick WinesPat
PlayerJonathan LancianaGio