Talon Esports

About the team

Talon Esports is another candidate that could be a certain dark horse in the APAC North Division. Having been in the Korean Challenger League in Season 10, little was seen of Talon Esports afterwards. Most recently, though, Talon Esports participated in the Korea Open Season 1, where it surprised everyone with its performance.

Finishing second in the regular season, Talon Esports’ 5-3 Win-Loss record was only bettered by Cloud9 and also included a 7-4 win against the vastly more experienced roster. Subsequently qualifying to the Korea Open Championship Finals, all Talon needed was a win to make it to the APAC North Division.

Not only did Talon Esports win that one crucial match, the team also went on to beat the Season 11 Korean champions of SCARZ by a 2-0 margin, before giving Cloud9 a decent fight in the grand final. Now in the APAC North Division, fans of the region will certainly be excited to see what this roster will have to offer.

ManagerDohoon KimDohoon
CoachSiwoo Leezelgadiss
PlayerYouhyeon DohLabyRinth
PlayerSomeya MasakiAzzyyyS
PlayerSi Hyun LeeSoldier
PlayerDaegyu HanTomorrow