GUTS Gaming

About the team

Formerly the sister-team of the better-known NORA-Rengo, GUTS Gaming has certainly come into its own in Japan over the past few months. A near-flawless run through Season 9 of the Challenger League was followed up by a surprisingly strong third-placed run to place third in Season 10 of the Pro League, one that saw it nearly beat NORA-Rengo to the APAC Finals spot on offer.

Despite the setback, the team kept its head high, also finishing third in the Alienware Japanese Championship Finals before going on to win the Japanese qualifier for the APAC North Division. Season 11 of the Pro League saw it finish just behind NORA-Rengo once more. While unable to push past the quarter-finals of the Japan Nationals 2020 Season 1 Finals, GUTS Gaming is a team that will be eager to prove itself on the larger APAC stage.

ManagerKazuhide KawamuraGuNBoY
CoachYuya InoueCloud
PlayerYasushi NakajoCrazyPapiyoN
PlayerTakumi IwasakiJJ
Playernaoki TakamotoYura
Playerhikaru osawaLi9ht
PlayerKazuki YamaneLily
Substitute Taishu Tanabeshu