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Despite being new to competition on an APAC stage, SCARZ’s credentials are far from weak. Regularly participating in domestic competitions in Korea, the SCARZ roster has been a team of developing potential that is set to be realised with the APAC North Division. Taking part in the weekly Korea Cup tournaments firmly solidified SCARZ as one of the best teams in the lower division of Korean Rainbow Six.

Having added Italian coach Hybrid to their stable seemed to give them a boost, however. Third in the Korea Open Championship saw them qualify to the APAC North Division, while it also finished top in the Pro League ahead of the far more esteemed Cloud9.

Now, finally participating at the top level with other equally, if not more, esteemed teams as Cloud9, SCARZ will be looking for a chance to prove that it belongs and that it is ready to take the next step into a higher level of competition.