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Okami was established through the direction provided by iconic ANZ players Jack “JackDaddy” Dawber and Bailey “Cutie” Murdoch. The team has fought through both good and bad and has recently arisen to the ever elusive top two placements in the region. Fans will find comfort in Okami’s stability and their dependable game style which has led them to great advancements in both mechanical and strategic senses.

For Okami recent results have reaffirmed their dominance within the ANZ region, however it wasn’t always quite clear cut. Historically, JackDaddy and his teammates have struggled to infiltrate into desired territory, consistently missing out on LAN opportunities. The addition of German coach Antoni “Centus” Lagemann has made an immense impact on the team’s strategic ability. This paired with the explosive and round ending gunplay from players such as Jayden“ItBeStyle” Franken and Cutie, make Okami a consequential opponent for all who are unlucky enough to face them. With the standard set, Jack and his teammates will strive to continue their control in Oceanic Nationals.