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Noble (formerly Team Sinister) had something of a fairytale run throughout the Six Masters 2020 Season, only to just fall short at the end. Noble is arguably one of the most balanced teams within Australian competition, boasting players such as Vincent “Vincere” Daniele and Erik “Nikoh” Ahrenfeld who possess inconceivable gunskill, while being tactically savvy. This mixture of sorts has allowed Sinister to achieve great heights in their current term. 

For Noble, the recent addition of Brendan “Derpeh” Carr saw some initial growing pains. However the former Wildcard member’s innate ability to keep calm has done wonders for the roster, whether it be decision making or a crazy clutch every now and again. With this addition, Noble moved swiftly into the top two placements. This was short lived however as they began to unravel as the team proceeded to crumble under pressure against the more adequate opposition towards the end of the Six Masters 2020 Season. Moving forward, Noble will be looking to reestablish their top two placement.