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Elevate is without doubt a linchpin within the ANZ region. Whether it be their explosive, yet innovative playstyle or innate unpredictability, utilising niche operators such as Amaru. Fans will find interest in Elevate’s lovable lineup, consisting of both new and old players, with the undisputed drive to be one of the best teams the region has to offer.

For the longest time, Elevate seemed to always miss out on the elusive top two placings in ANZ which would have netted them a berth in the APAC tournaments. This gave rise to them being considered the “gatekeepers” of ANZ. However, much akin to their erratic playstyle, Elevate have left something to be desired in recent times. The now distant addition of Worthy, seemed to be a temporary fix, for a far greater issue. With this in mind, Elevate will need to regroup and reassess. With support from both the organisation and support staff, in unison with Elevate’s unique drive, there is no doubt we will see their game elevated (pun intended) for the Oceanic Nationals.