The South Asia Nationals return in 2021

Posted by Rainbow 6 2021-03-09 in ESPORTS

For the second season of the Rainbow Six South Asia Nationals, teams from the Indian subcontinent will have the opportunity to compete in Open qualifiers starting March 20th, to fight for a spot in the closed qualifier.

The two best teams of the closed qualifiers will take part in the Stage 1 Asia-Pacific Playoffs and will try to win a share of the May Six Major prize money, depending on their ranking in the APAC Playoffs. 



For this new season, the South Asia Nationals format will remain unchanged with single elimination open qualifiers, welcoming everyone from South Asia that registers. This tournament will lead into a double elimination closed qualifiers to determine the top 2 teams that will be joining the APAC Playoffs bracket at the end of Stage 1. 


The tournament will start with 4 Open qualifiers, followed by a Closed qualifier.  

Open Qualifier 1: March 20-21
Open Qualifier 2: March 27-28
Open Qualifier 3: April 3-4
Open Qualifier 4: April 10-11

Closed Qualifier: April 16-18 

The APAC Stage 1 Playoffs will be taking place in late April. More information coming soon. 


1st place $3,000 USD 
2nd place $2,000 USD  
3rd place $1,000 USD  

Additionally, teams qualified for the Asia-Pacific League Playoffs may receive a share of the dedicated prize pool of the event as follows: 

APAC Playoffs prize pool 

1st place  $5,000 USD  
2nd place  $3,000 USD  
3rd place  $2,000 USD  
4th place $2,000 USD  

In addition, to cater to the Six Invitational 2021 happening in May, teams qualified for the APAC Playoffs may also receive a part of the dedicated prize money of the Six Major initially scheduled in May, depending on their ranking.  

1st place  $18,750 USD  
2nd place  $12,500 USD  

Note: If Team A finishes 1st in the South Asia Nationals and 1st in the APAC Playoffs in Stage 1 of the Season 2021, Team A will receive $3,000 USD + $5,000 USD + $18,750 USD. 


SA Nationals – Open Qualifier 1

SA Nationals – Open Qualifier 2

SA Nationals – Open Qualifier 3

SA Nationals – Open Qualifier 4

Tournament overview: 


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