A Giant Step into the North Division for Singaporean Hopefuls

Posted by Rainbow 6 2020-06-17 in North Division Stage 1 2020

The Singaporean roster; Giants Gaming made waves in the APAC community by becoming the first team in the region to have taken a map off an international team, at the Six Invitational 2017. For the months and years that followed however, it tried in vain to recapture that strength but always lost to the eventual champions at the various APAC LAN events, earning it the unwanted title of “gatekeepers”.

Season 10, however, was when the gatekeepers became the gatecrashers as the Singaporeans took down their Australian rivals of Fnatic for the first time in five attempts. With the way virtually clear, qualification to the Pro League Finals and the Six Invitational 2020 then followed.

Headed to Japan, the gatecrashers took the next step into becoming giant slayers–literally taking down the Giants Gaming roster in a highly entertaining upset–before being signed by the organisation itself. While having a disappointing Six Invitational, Giants Gaming will now be looking to test its mettle against the best teams in the region and continue to grow in the APAC North Division.

Notable Achievements

2nd – Gamers Without Borders (Charity Tournament)
2nd – Pro League Season XI APAC – SEA (Online Season)
13-16th – Six Invitational 2020
3-4th – Pro League Season X Global Finals
3-4th – Pro League Season IX APAC Finals
3-4th – Pro League Season 8 APAC Finals